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Museum “First Romanian School” – Braşov, România

Built in 1495 the building of the museum retains the Baroque style of the changes that have been made during 1760. The museum complex consists of several rooms and buildings: “Anton Pann” Classroom, “Diaconul Coresi” Room, “Brasov’s books and scholars” Room, “The book, the national unity factor” Room, The room with fireplace, The “St. Nicholas” Church , “Ex-libris” Museum, “The youngsters of Brasov” Museum, “Tudor Ciortea” Museum.

“Anton Pann” Classroom 
The old classroom of the First Romanian School is called after the name of a great storyteller, who use to visit pretty often the school and whose books and documents are kept and shown in the museum.  [Details]

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“Diaconul Coresi” Room 
Following these aims, Deacon Coresi and his assistants made the first Romanian books mass-printing. Between 1556-1588 they printed around 40 titles in hundred of copies, which were spreaded out all over the country, helping the use of Romanian in the official documents and strengthening the people’s unity.  [Details]

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“Brasov’s books and scholars” Room 
The scholars of Brasov have been served both the school and the church and they have created values which maintained burning the light of culture in the Schei district of Brasov.  [Details]

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“The book, the national unity factor” Room 
During the medieval era the Romanians have been forced to live separated in three geographical areas and the Romanian language of the books was then the spiritual link between the people.
The exhibition shows also over 80 golden princely charters engraved on parchment, confirming the continuous relationships between the Romanian regions.  [Details]

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The room with fireplace 
A little ethnographic corner represented by the fireplace, painted icons and old home appliances specific for Schei, give to the visitor an emotional image of the local traditions.  [Details]



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  • Adults – 10 LEI
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