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At first there was the church mentioned in chronicles in 1292;

A Homiliury (text book) of the XI ― XIIth century confitins the existence of an education place;

The papal bull of December 25, 1399 confirms the existence of a place of orthodox education and worship in Schei;

1477 parson Costca writes a sizable DailyMissal for holidays here;

1495 „The Holy Church and the school were built” thanks to voivode Vlad Călugărul (the Monk), whose action was continued by Neagoe Basarab, Petru Cercel, Mihai Viteazul (the Brave) etc.;

1495 November 3 parson Bratu from Schei writes the first letter in Romanian at Sibiu;

1556 – 1588 deacon Coresi and other co-workers print the first books of circulation in Romanian, officializing for good and all the victory of the writing in Romanian;

1570 clerk Oprea writes the Romanian Hymn Book;

1578 parson Voicu writes Moral Lessons from the Saints’ Lives ― speeches to the saints and examples of spiritual gain

1559 local authority accepts the use of Coresi’s Catechism as first Romaman handbook at the school of Schei;

1587 parson lane writes the first text in Romanian in Braşov;

XVIth century school-master Barbu Hoban writes the first handbook of philosophy;

1628 – 1633 rector Vasile writes the first chronicle with Romanian theme and the first Romanian Book of Proverbs;

1731 school-master Petcusoanu begins printing the first calendar almanac in Romanian;

1733 RaduTempea II writes the chronicle of Schei 1392― 1733;

1757 school-master Dimitrie Eustafievici writes the first grammar;

1797 Radu Tempea V prints the Rotnanian Grammar,

1821 – 1828 Anton Pans comes to Schei;

1848 May George Ucenescu composes the melody of the hymn ,,Awake, Romanian”.

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