Once upon a time was a Romanian school where young people first learn to become notaries, teachers and priests.
The beginnings of the school could be somewhere in the XIth – XIIth centuries. A proof is a manual of 700 pages called “Omiliar” a book about virtues, a sign that above all, the school teaches you to be human.
Certainly, the school existed there in 1399, because that year, Pope Boniface speaks “about followers (students) from Schei Braşov, who were taught by pseudo teachers”.

The building of todays school dates back to 1495.

During this story about books, teachers and students you will often hear the words, first manual, first printing the first Bible, the greatest writer and teacher, the only codex aureus, the first grammar, the first dictionary … a sign that what exists here it is UNIQUE or VERY RARE.
As for this reason, the VALUE of many of these books can not be measured in cash.
Let’s flip together the pages of this story …

The Romanian School – builded in 1495, reconstructed in 1760

“The values of the Romanian spirituality have been created long time ago in the old district of Braşov called Scheii Braşovului. The oldest memories and remains remember of the getae-dacians village that existed two thousands years ago on the spot known today as “Salmon’s Rocks” (“Pietrele lui Solomon”).
The archeology (not very effective in the area) and the customs of the “Youngsters of Braşov” (Junii braşoveni), also less emphasized, still stay as proves for the continuity of the old Romanian civilization in the area.
During the medieval era, the Romanians from Scitei helped by the voivodes over the mountains, built the church and the school andfoundecl a center of resistance and spirituality aimed tojace the time and the history.
The residents of Schei use to be important andpowerful merchants, operating their trade from Moldova and Muntenia (Wallachia) to Balkans, Levant and Syria and Egypt. They have protected the religious and education center by their donations and support. The center became today the Museum Complex of Schei of Braşov which shelters around 4,000 old books, 30,000 historic documenls andmany others exhibits showing the true history of this region.”

Professor Priest Vasile OLTEAN

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