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"Tudor Ciortea" Museum

Son of Brasov, born in 1903 in a family of intellectuals, Tudor Ciortea begins musical studies in Cluj, after which he goes to Brussels, Paris and other great cities of the world. His maestros are Maurice Imbert, Paul Dukakis, Constantin BrSiloiu, and among his mates are Gh. Dima, Rudolf Lassel, Paul Richter. He has some jobs in important institutions (The Foreign Ministry, the Music Academy, the Composers' Union). He writes studies and articles in "Muzica" (The Music), "The Magazine of the Literature and Art Foundations" etc. He is awarded prizes, orders and medals, he composes symphonic music, choral and vocal music, but beyond all he is considered the founder of the chamber music instruction in Romania. The room dedicated to him in this museum complex consists of a chamber of great size divided into three cells. In one of the lateral compartments the attention is called by a rare object, a tail spindle; it seems that there are only ten of them known in the world. There is also a lithograph of the opera Oedip, one of the five remaining original copies. A collection of manuscripts donated to the museum by Vera Proca Ciortea and some oil portraits made by Ion Sibianu are added to these rare exhibits. There are also books dispersed on shelves in the wholeroom and icons painted on glass in the XVIIIth century, typical of Schei district.